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Amphibole / Angel Phantom

Amphibole crystal meaning by the 7 directions
Amphibole / Angel Phantom

Chakra : Crown and Third Eye

Keyword: Angelic Connection , Balance, Inner Peace

Amphibole Quartz, also known as Angel Phantom Quartz, resonates with the frequencies of the third eye and crown chakras. Its energy serves as a conduit, activating these chakras and allowing one to expand their consciousness into the higher dimensions of the angelic realm. In doing so, individuals can establish a profound connection with their guardian angels and other angelic beings, receiving guidance and wisdom from these celestial entities.

The essence of Angel Phantom Quartz exudes a tranquil and loving energy that acts as a purifying force, cleansing one's energy fields and elevating their consciousness and vibrational frequencies. This crystal helps individuals connect with the boundless love of their own souls, enabling them to infuse this loving energy into their daily lives. The result is a life lived in joy and harmony, both within oneself and in relationships with others.

Meditating with Angel Phantom Quartz proves highly beneficial, as it aids in achieving a state of calm and centeredness. In this receptive state, one can receive insights from their higher self and soul, as well as gain clarity on deeply ingrained emotional patterns and beliefs that require release to move forward.

Furthermore, Angel Phantom Quartz lends its support in addressing issues such as worry and stress, which can often lead to sleep problems and insomnia. Its soothing energy promotes relaxation and helps individuals find solace in the midst of life's challenges.

Embrace the gentle guidance of Angel Phantom Quartz, and allow its ethereal energy to uplift your spirit, nurture your inner peace, and deepen your connection to the angelic realms.