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Copper meaning


Sacral and Root Chakra


Copper embodies the essence of energetic flow and cognitive acuity. Across ancient lore, it resonates as the sacred metal of Hermes, the divine messenger, bestowing upon us the gift of mental swiftness and agility.

As a conduit of both physical and ethereal energies, copper not only conducts electricity but also harnesses the mystical vibrations emanating from celestial realms. Its essence serves as a channel, empowering the transmission of thoughts and intentions, transcending vast distances in the realms of consciousness.

In the realm of holistic remedies and metaphysical healing, copper holds a revered place. Its presence is believed to amplify energies conducive to various forms of healing, whether alleviating the grip of arthritis, soothing the discomfort of fractures, restoring balance to one's passion and vitality, or replenishing depleted energy reserves.