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Fluorite meaning by the 7 directions



(All Chakras, but specific colors are attuned to specific chakras)


Green Fluorite

Chakra: Heart

Element: Wind

Keywords: clarity, improved decision making, cleanser


Green Fluorite grounds excess energy and helps to remove trauma of emotions by absorbing negative energies within an environment. It helps to unlock the subconscious mind and encourages the brain to work in harmony so as to solve complex issues. 


Blue Fluorite

Chakra: Crown

Element: Wind

Keywords: Growth, spontaneity, travel, trust, problem solving

Blue Fluorite encourages growth, change, and spontaneity. It emboldens the self to pursue experiences and physical travel, widening the horizons of the mind and allowing for new discoveries. It brings clarity, trust, altruistic pursuits and helps to clear the mind and helps in the finding of answers to puzzled problems. 


Purple Fluorite

Chakra: Heart, Crown 

Element: Wind

Keywords: Psychic, forgiveness, removal of negative energy, healing

Purple Fluorite stimulates the third eye and helps to bring common sense to psychic communication. It helps with emotional healing of the self and allows forgiveness of wounds and the clarity to move on from them. It aids in dispelling negative emotions and confusion and helps with good decision making.