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Lodolite / Garden Quartz

Lodolite meaning by the 7 directions




Chakra: Crown


Keywords : Spiritual balance , Scrying stone, Dream stone, Manifestation


Lodolite, a treasure known to shamans of ancient wisdom, served as a sacred key to induce visionary experiences and profound healing. This enigmatic crystal, also referred to as garden quartz, belongs to the Quartz family but bears a unique soul. It cradles within its translucent depths an array of inclusions, each a tapestry of colors and forms that evoke visions of gardens, landscapes, and underwater realms. No two Lodolite stones are alike, making them a portal to another world, where cosmic consciousness awaits those who dare to gaze within.

The act of peering into Lodolite is said to ignite a cosmic shift of consciousness. It weaves a harmonious symphony with the higher vibrations of the aura, light body, and the subtle realms. Lodolite stands as a powerful guide for soulful journeys, whether they be cosmic, on the path of the soul, or deeply personal.

For those treading the shamanic path, Lodolite is an invaluable companion, unlocking ancient wisdom and assisting in profound emotional healing tied to past-life attachments. This enchanting crystal bridges the realms, connecting seekers with the vibrational energies of the animal kingdom. It becomes a steadfast ally through every transformation, offering the wisdom of the ages to those who are ready to embark on their spiritual voyage