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Morion Quartz

Morion quartz crystal meaning by the 7 directions
Morion Quartz

Chakra: Root & Solar plexus

Element : Earth

Morion, a mystical sibling to Smokey Quartz, is a rare and enchanting black quartz variety formed through the intricate dance of natural radiation, often found near uranium deposits. It's important to note that Morion itself is not radioactive and poses no harm to those who carry it. 

Historically, "Morions" were protective helmets used during the era of the Conquistadors, a testament to the stone's shielding and safeguarding properties. Beyond its protective nature, Morion plays a pivotal role in shadow work, assisting wearers in confronting the darker aspects of themselves and clearing the path of obstacles. Grounding in essence, it provides solace for those coping with grief and establishes a profound connection with deity archetypes like the Crone and Hunter.

Morion quartz also acts as a bridge between the earthly realm and the realm of Divinity and spirit guides, aiding individuals in finding trust in their inner voice and instincts.

Courage, patience, and fairness are virtues that Morion bestows upon its bearer. It brings one into communion with an array of spirit guides, always of benevolent and luminous nature. These guides offer guidance rooted in compassion, courage, and wisdom, drawing from the wisdom of great warriors who earned their status through acts of compassion.

Morion, with its boundless compassion and unwavering connection to the Divine, seeks to ease the path forward, instilling courage and harmony in the hearts of those who seek its guidance.

Morion, similar to Lemurian and Elestial crystals found in Brazil, exudes a similar energy that carries the resonance of ancient wisdom encoded within the ridges and glyphs etched upon its surface. These intricate formations on Morion crystals serve as a portal to the profound insights of the past, connecting us with the timeless knowledge and spiritual heritage of the ages. Like a sacred scroll written in stone, Morion beckons us to unlock its secrets and unravel the mysteries of the universe, bridging the gap between the earthly realm and the realms of higher consciousness.