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Petoskey stone

Petoskey stone meaning by the 7 directions
Petoskey Stone

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

Keyword : Intuition, Protection, Emotion Awareness

Petoskey Stone, a fascinating fossilized coral often found in pebble-like shapes, holds a captivating geological history shaped by glaciation. These stones bear witness to the powerful forces of ice sheets that plucked them from their ancient bedrock, sculpting their rough edges in the process. Ultimately, they found their resting place in Michigan's upper and northwestern peninsula.

The story of Petoskey Stones dates back approximately 350 million years to the Devonian period when they were part of a thriving coral reef. When dry, these stones appear as ordinary limestone, but their true essence reveals itself when wet or polished, unveiling the intricate and distinctive mottled patterns of ancient coral fossils.

The name "Petoskey" is an English approximation of "Bidasiga," a Native American Indian word meaning 'Rays of the Living Sun.' These stones hold a special place in the heart of Michigan, earning the esteemed title of the state stone in 1965. They share their name with the city of Petoskey, and their legacy is intertwined with Chief Pet-O-Sega of the Ottawa Native Indian tribe.

Beyond their geological significance, Petoskey Stones possess a unique energy that resonates with the third eye and crown chakras, often stimulating channeling abilities and mediumship. These extraordinary stones are known for their healing properties, including their potential to aid in the recovery from infectious diseases and emotional wounds.

Petoskey Stones are also valuable allies for those on a magical or mystical spiritual journey. Their magical and mystical energy can enhance your spiritual gifts and talents, especially if you are new to this realm of exploration. Stones with an obvious eye configuration, denoting the presence of a distinct "eye," are particularly potent for stimulating magical abilities.

Embrace the rich history and mystical energy of Petoskey Stones, and allow them to guide you on a transformative journey of healing, spiritual growth, and magical exploration.