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Lithium Quartz / Pink Lithium

Lithium Meaning by the 7 directions



 Chakra: All

Element : Storm, Water 


Key words : Inner peace, awakening to the Higher Self, release from negative attachments, aura healing, harmonizing relationships, freedom from stress


Lithium-included Quartz, a gem of heart healing, possesses the remarkable ability to alleviate stress, soothe frazzled nerves, and induce a state of relaxation. Its gentle energy is particularly beneficial for children, helping them wind down at the end of the day, find calmness, and center themselves before entering the realm of Dreamtime.

Beyond its calming properties, Lithium Quartz serves as a valuable tool for releasing attachment to specific outcomes. Surrender is a key to self-liberation, and these crystals facilitate the energetic activation and emotional openness required for a profound release from the bonds of attachment.

In the realm of meditation, Lithium Quartz crystals are highly effective. They quiet the mind and open the heart, making it easier to enter a state of profound presence. These crystals encourage you to let go of distracting thoughts and detach from specific expectations, thus facilitating surrender to the divine and embracing the flow of life's unfolding journey.

Lithium-included Quartz stands as a gentle yet potent guide on the path to inner peace, emotional release, and spiritual surrender. Embrace its tranquil energy, and allow it to lead you to a place of profound openness and acceptance.