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Ruby Fuschite

Ruby Fuschite 

Chakra : Heart & Root Chakra

Element : Water

Keyword: Self love, Empowering , Valuing oneself, Increased life force

Ruby Fuchsite, a captivating fusion of green and white adorned with abundant red spots, emerges as a potent emotional healer. Its gentle touch soothes the anguish and distress that plague the emotional body, offering solace and tranquility to the restless mind. Believed to be a bearer of happiness, honesty, courage, and passion, this exquisite gem becomes a beacon of positivity, dispelling worry and banishing negativity from its presence.
Ruby Fuchsite serves as a guardian against self-neglect, harnessing the fiery energies of anger and irritability and redirecting them towards constructive actions. It tempers the aggressive personality, guiding the mind towards the pursuit of emotional equilibrium.

In addition to these attributes, Ruby Fuchsite fosters the growth of self-esteem and enhances the art of effective communication, particularly for women. It fortifies self-confidence and acts as a stabilizing force for emotions, enabling the setting of healthy boundaries, both with oneself and in relationships, fostering self-discipline and nurturing harmonious connections.

With the grounding properties of Fuchsite, it facilitates the comprehension of intricate issues. The fusion of green and blue, or emerald-green energies, helps channel information and promotes meaningful interactions in the material world. It aids in the liberation from co-dependency and eradicates the shackles of servitude, guiding the seeker toward a path of empowerment and self-discovery.

Fun Fact : Ruby is UV reactive