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Shiva Shell


Shiva shell crystal meaning

Shiva Shell

Chakra: third eye

Keywords: Aura Protection, Intuition, Divine connection, Creativity


Shiva Shell, also known as Shiva Eye or Pacific Cat's Eye, is a remarkable natural gemstone whose intricate patterns are a masterpiece crafted by Mother Nature herself. While the spirals in each gem resemble one another in pattern, they each possess a unique and distinctive character.

Shiva Shell is deeply associated with the Third Eye Chakra, making it a potent stone for enhancing intuition, providing aura protection, and serving as a conduit to the realm of divine connection. This exquisite gem symbolizes the eternal cycle of creation, destruction, and preservation that flows through all aspects of life.

It embodies spiritual wisdom and represents the ever-present transformation and evolution toward creative visualization. With its rich symbolism and profound spiritual significance, Shiva Shell stands as a captivating and sacred gemstone.