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Agate enhydro XBN

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Measures approx 92 x 76 x 40mm

Agate Enhydro brings the perfect balance between the Elements of Earth & Water. Through the power of Agate Enhydro's connection to water you learn endurance, strength, courage and the ability to overcome challenges in your life. Through the power of Agate Enhyrdo's connection to fire you learn passion, fury, emotion, destruction & construction, and rebirth. Agate Enhydro's metaphysical powers show greatly in its ability to stimulate your imagination and help you to become a great problem-solver. Agate Enhydro's cleansing properties allow it to resolve tension and stress in relationships.


Chakra: All

Element: Earth

Key Words: Growth and Wisdom through inner work, stress relief, good nature

Agate assists the entire self through the process of inner work. Anything that requires long term, self evaluative improvement will be aided with the energy of this stone, which promotes positivity, keeping in touch with the physical world so as not to be lost in the mental world, the reduction of stress, and the good:natured acceptance of circumstances.


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