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Carnelian jasper Zuni fetish bear CVS
Carnelian jasper Zuni fetish bear CVS
Carnelian jasper Zuni fetish bear CVS

Carnelian jasper Zuni fetish bear CVS

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Carnelian jasper Zuni Fetish Bear

Measures approx 3.50" wide x 2.45" tall


Chakra- Root, Sexual/Creative, Solar Plexus

Element- Fire

Key Words- Courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, action

Carnelian is good at building strength, creative energy and assertive will in those who have gentle souls who wish for things but don’t have the passion or power within themselves to make it happen. It helps to stimulate one’s goals and strengthen them. It encourages the zeal needed to pursue one’s dreams and, in a way, keeps the fire of passion going in order to see these dreams and goals through.

In Zuni culture a fetish represents the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone.  What is the Bear Zuni Fetish Meaning? The Bear is the guardian and master of the west.  His fetish represents healing and protection.  The Bear is associated with the color blue and known for his curative powers. Though all bears are healers, white bears are particularly powerful. Characteristics associated with bears include strength, courage, adaptability, healing and spiritual communion.

Zuni believe that the Bear is invaluable if  you are faced with change and transition.  It can be your ally when you are attempting to resolve conflict, forgive yourself or others for errors of the past, or when you are faced with new challenges in your spiritual path.  The Bear guides introspection and self-reflection.


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