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Natural  Brazilian Citrine Cathedral generator X7B
Natural  Brazilian Citrine Cathedral generator X7B

Natural Brazilian Citrine Cathedral generator X7B

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This piece is amazing and has excellent energy, sweet and joyful. Not treated at all.

Natural Citrine from Brazil- not heat treated


Chakra- Root, Sexual/Creative, Solar Plexus

Element- Fire

Key Words- Manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity

Citrine clears the mind and allows for enhanced creativity and magnified powers of will and manifestation. It allows the formation of the inner image and therefore of imagination and flowing creativity. It helps to sustain creativity and passion so that things are actually brought into fruition and not allowed to fade into nothing due to lack of inspiration and mental sustenance. 

The crystal of abundance & serenity, they bring great prosperity anchoring wishes into the physical realm. This crystal removes the illusion of fear changing ones perception of good & bad. Smokey Citrine’s show us the cycles of life & give understanding to what must die to give rise to new life. They gift us with seamless transformation teaching the lessons of the phoenix & helping to shed blockages in the form of old negative energies.

I personally love to place it as an intention stone for an Abundance grid, wonderful joyful vibrations too. 

You can see the video of this piece on my Instagram feed. @the7directions




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