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I wanted to share a story of connection with you all. Last September when I was traveling in Scotland I had made plans to visit places that I felt were spiritually significant. The one of these sites that I was most excited to visit was the island of Iona. Being a place where the veil between the physical and spirit world is thinnest, the tiny isle is central to many myths and legends. It is the rumored birthplace of Mary Magdalen’s child and the Well of Eternal Youth, as well as being the burial place of 60 Scottish Kings.

These reasons and the absolute beauty of the island was what kept me waiting for a ferry for two days in the small fishing village of Tobermory, hoping to wait out the bad weather that made traveling to Iona nearly impossible. But eventually I needed to keep traveling, so before I bid a solemn farewell to Iona, I made a quick stop at a local gift shop. The adorable shop was filled with Iona themed jewelry and knickknacks and I expressed my sadness about not being able to visit island to the kind shop owner. I said goodbye and as I exited the store the shop owner asked me to wait. She rummaged through a drawer behind the counter and pulled out a small green stone. “Here,” she said, “this is for you, from Iona.” I thanked her and left the shop, admiring the gift. In return, I went to the port and left one of the crystals I was carrying on the dock as an offering.


I feel that, although I didn’t make it to Iona that time, that I was able to bring back a small piece of the magical isle with me. I keep that stone with me wherever I go. I know that one day I will be back to visit.

Iona magical island offering

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