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The Sacred Drifter

In these days leading up to my next big adventure, I’ve been sorting through my belongings for essentials I might need on the trip. It was due to this that I stumbled upon a journal I had brought on my trip to Guatemala a little over a year ago. While there, I had participated in the @storytellerwithin retreat. In my eight days there I was reminded of the power of words and how words are a catalyst for our intentions, our joy, our love and pain. I flipped through the pages of the journal and relived each moment of pain, fear, guilt, anger, love, appreciation, joy and laughter once again. My Mayan birth chart which was also written in that journal, reminded me I am a warrior.

I‘d almost forgotten those things, and yet the Universe always has a way of giving me clues. These reminders constantly manifest themselves and whether or not I choose to listen to them is entirely up to me. And my mission is to always listen from my heart.

Often times these reminders from the Universe are hidden in the simplest things in life. In his last letter, John McCain wrote, “I would love to see the hawk hunting from the Sycamore tree”. These words have had a profound effect on me; I wonder why it is that would we wait till death to want these simple things in life. Maybe life’s purpose lies in the simple things, and happiness is not granted from our looks, our bank account or our cars or handbags. The things have come to give me purpose are traveling, seeing the world, connecting to the sacred, and inspiring people to live close to their life’s purpose.

What is my life purpose? Well I am not quite sure yet, but I have a feeling that it involves crystals, vibrational healing, flute playing, traveling, and learning how to love myself. I am grateful that I have the basic means to do what I love and am inspired by the amazing Teachers around me. I am constantly being put to test and I am loving the process. Mind you, it is never easy, but I am grateful every step of the way.

Life has a funny way of teaching and guiding us to become who we are. A journal reminded me of how far I have come along my life’s path and I anticipate the turning of each page and can’t wait to see what is in store for me on my journey.

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