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Women’s World Cup

Congratulations to the US Women National Team for winning the World Cup! Throughout the tourmament, I kept on hearing players like Megan Rapinoe, Carly Llyod and Alex Morgan talking about other players like family and speaking about mentoring the younger players.

I then heard a female commentator, who is also a female footballer, say, “This team is about a feeling...” and it totally resonated with me. It is all about feelings isn’t it? The creation of sisterhood and community is a tale as old as time. Even in sports we see the recognition of the Sacred Feminine, the active balancing of masculine and feminine energies and the relationships that are formed by mentorship and eldership, like a roadmap rooted in the sacral chakra. It doesn’t mean winning every game, however it is about trusting your feelings and intuitions.

I remember I once heard a coach talk about women’s soccer when my daugther was a youth player. He said, if men win they are happy, but women have to be happy to win. How true? 

It is about self care and what makes you happy. To win in life? To be in service? I am certainly taking this advice. 


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